Valentine's Day Trivia for Seniors

3 Free Loved-Up Printable Games

Get ready to be surprised, reminisce, and flex those mental muscles with loads of fun facts and my Valentine's Day Trivia for Seniors games. You can play right from the page below or print out the free games to play at home. And there's one more surprise freebie.

Game one is the classic "Question and Answer" round, where Cupid's arrows are replaced by brain-teasing queries. Feeling adventurous? Try the "Fill in the Blanks" game where you're challenged to complete the sentence from a collection of words. And party tested "True or False" questions that will keep you guessing.

Play with friends and you can celebrate a little friendly competition!

Valentines Day Trivia for Seniors: 3 Free Games You Can Print and Play in Minutes @grannymazeValentine's Day Trivia for Seniors: 3 Free Games You Can Print and Play in Minutes @grannymaze

There are three different levels to spark your memory and keep your mental gears turning - easy, moderate and hard. The classic Question and Answer round is mostly easy... ish. The Fill in the Blanks game is moderate to hard and will test your wit and unravelling the truths and myths with True or False questions can be hard, tricky even.

These games are designed to lift your spirits. You can download and print them and start playing in minutes. It's that easy to help make your Valentine's Day more fun this year!

First, let's look at the free games. Or you can go straight to some fun facts about Valentine's Day and then the free download.

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Valentine's Day Trivia for Seniors Free Games


Valentine's Day Trivia for Seniors Free Games @grannymaze

Valentine's Day is a fascinating blend of ancient customs, romantic tales, and timeless symbols that continue to captivate hearts around the world. Now let's play some trivia!

Valentine's Day Trivia for Seniors - 3 FREE Printable Games

The first trivia game is an easy ish question and answer format with 10 questions. Game 2 is fill in the blanks, and game 3 is true or false. 10 questions. This gives you a little variety for hours of amusement! All three are in one download.

Here are the trivia questions from the free games plus a few more. For the answer to appear just click on the little arrow on the right.

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And you can play the True or False game below while you're waiting! Surprise... one more freebie!

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1. In what country did the tradition of sending Valentine's Day cards originate?

Answer - York, England.

2. Where was the first Valentine's Day message sent from?

Answer - Prison. Charles Duke of Orleans sent a poem to his wife.

3. What popular TV show, known for its romantic themes, featured an episode titled "Valentine's Day" in each of its 10 seasons?

Answer - Friends.

4. What percent of pet owners give Valentine's gifts to their pets?

Answer - Approximately 12.3% for cats and 16.1% for dogs.

5. What year did the first commercially printed Valentine's Day cards become available in the United States?

Answer - 1847.

6. Which French phrase, commonly used on Valentine's Day cards, translates to "You are my love" in English?

Answer - Tu es mon amour.

7. In Finland, Valentine's Day is called "Ystävänpäivä," which translates to what in English?

Answer - Friend's Day.

8. What is the term for the fear of being alone without a romantic partner, especially on Valentine's Day?

Answer - Monophobia. Not the fear of love (or falling in love) phobia which is known as Philophobia.

9. What city is the most popular Valentine's Day destination?

Answer - Paris, France.

10. Which U.S. state spends the most on Valentine's Day?

Answer - Hawaii.

11. In Japan, who typically gives chocolates on Valentine's Day, and who receives them?

Answer - Women give chocolates to men.

12. What popular Valentine's Day treat was originally used as a medical remedy for a broken heart?

Answer - Chocolate.

13. Which Shakespeare play features a character named Valentine?

Answer - Two Gentlemen of Verona.

14. Which U.S. state is known as the "Lover's State" and is famous for its heart-shaped logo?

Answer - Ohio.

15. In the Middle Ages, what did it mean if you saw a robin on Valentine's Day?

Answer - You would marry a sailor.

16. In the language of flowers, what does a red rose symbolize?

Answer - Love and passion.

17. In the language of flowers, what do daisies symbolize?

Answer - Purity, innocence, new beginnings, joy and cheerfulness.

18. How many countries around the world celebrate Valentine's Day?

Answer - 30.

19. Which country is famous for its tradition of celebrating Valentine's Day with vibrant lantern festivals?

Answer - China.

20. Which iconic cartoon character is known for saying, "Is love is a many splendored thing?"

Answer - Charlie Brown from Peanuts by Charles Schulz - March 25, 1990.

21. In Denmark, it's a tradition for friends and lovers to exchange pressed white flowers known as?

Answer - Snowdrops.

22. Which country normally spends the most on Valentine's Day?

Answer - Hong Kong.

True or False Valentine's Day Trivia for Seniors

These ten questions are NOT in the free download, they're just to play now while you wait for the download!

The answers are at the bottom of this page.

1. True or False: Valentine's Day is named after a Roman emperor.

2. True or False: Cupid, the god of love, is always depicted as a young child.

3. True or False: Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14th in every country.

4. True or False: In the Middle Ages, it was believed that the first unmarried person of the opposite sex you met on Valentine's Day would become your spouse.

5. True or False: The phrase "Wearing your heart on your sleeve" originated from medieval times when men would draw the names of women they would be coupled with at the festival of Juno.

6. True or False: The heart-shaped chocolate box was first introduced for Valentine's Day in the 19th century.

7. True or False: The tradition of giving roses on Valentine's Day originated in France.

8. True or False: Saint Valentine is the patron saint of lovers, beekeepers, and epileptics.

9. True or False: The oldest known valentine still in existence was a poem written in the 15th century.

10. True or False: Red roses symbolize friendship, while yellow roses symbolize romantic love.

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Valentine's Day Trivia for Seniors Free Download

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Valentines Day Trivia for Seniors Free Games @grannymaze

Valentine's Day Trivia for Seniors

Use the power of trivia to increase memory and recall. Engaging in these games acts as exercise for your brain, promoting mental agility.

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A Musing Facts About Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is more than just a date on the calendar; it's a celebration steeped in history, romance, and intriguing traditions. Let's have a quick look at the origins, background, and traditions that make this day so special.

The roots of Valentine's Day can be traced back to the 5th century when Pope Gelasius I replaced the Roman festival of Lupercalia with the Feast of the Purification. Lupercalia, a wild fertility rite, was associated with pairing off men and women. The date was shifted to February 14, honoring St. Valentine, a martyred saint, priest, and patron of lovers.

The English poet Geoffrey Chaucer was the first to romanticize Valentine's Day in his 1375 poem, "Parliament of Foules." Cupid, the Roman god of love, also plays a significant role in the celebration. Legend has it that Cupid would shoot his arrows into people's hearts, making them fall in love.

Love Behind Bars: The Earliest Valentine Story

There is a sad love story behind this. The very first valentine is said to have been a poem sent by Charles, Duke of Orleans, to his wife in 1415. He was imprisoned in the Tower of London after his capture at the Battle of Agincourt. In his poem he wrote, "I am already sick of love, my very gentle Valentine." It would be 2 decades before the 21-year-old would be released from his jail cell.

How Valentine's Day Chocolate Became a Lovers Tradition

Valentine's Day chocolate was a stroke of marketing genius. And you can thank Richard Cadbury, the visionary chocolatier, who in 1861 created the world's first heart-shaped box of chocolates. Not just as a delectable treat but as a clever marketing ploy for the family's chocolate business. Little did he know, this gesture would blossom into an annual tradition, with a staggering 36 million heart-shaped boxes sold every Valentine's Day.

Romance Starts Blooming with Valentine's Day Flowers

The Victorian era, the period between approximately 1820 and 1914, began the trend of giving flowers for Valentine's Day. Red roses have been a symbol of romance dating back to ancient Rome—it was the favorite bouquet of Venus, the Roman goddess of love (and Cupid's mother). But it was during the Victorian era that men began expressing their love by giving flowers to the women they were wooing, marking the beginning of a floral trend that continues to blossom each Valentine's Day.

The Love Card Craze: Sealed with Wax and Sent for a Penny

Valentine's Day can be traced back to ancient Rome, but it was the Victorians who made it into the holiday we know today.
Transport back to Victorian England, where Valentine's Day cards transformed from flat paper sheets, often printed with colored illustrations and embossed borders, into charming, foldable greetings. Thanks to Rowland Hill's postal revolution in 1837 and the Uniform Penny Post in 1840, these cards, sealed with wax and sent for just a penny, became a craze. The mass-produced Valentine card was born.

Valentines were sent in such great numbers that postmen were given a special allowance for refreshments to help them through the extraordinary exertions of the two or three days leading up to February 14th. [1,2]

Fun Facts:

  • There was more than one St. Valentine.
  • A wild Roman fertility festival was the holiday's precursor.
  • Valentine's Day wasn't romantic until the Middle Ages.
  • Cupid was a handsome, virile Greek god called Eros. 
  • According to Hallmark, a jaw-dropping 145 million Valentine's Day cards are given each year.
  • Recently it was found that more than 72 million American adults bought Valentine's Day gifts for their dogs and kitty cats, more than doubling spending from the previous year. That adds up to an estimated $2.14 billion worth of Valentine's gifts for pets alone.

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Charlie Brown on Love from Peanuts by Charles Schulz - March 25, 1990 @grannymazeCharlie Brown on Love from Peanuts by Charles Schulz - March 25, 1990

True or False Answers:

1. False. It's named after Saint Valentine.

2. True. Cupid is always depicted as a young child.

3. True. In every country that celebrates Valentine's Day.

4. True. The first unmarried man or woman you meet on Valentine's Day would become your spouse.

5. True. After choosing, they wore the name of their partner on their sleeve.

6. True. Richard Cadbury, 1861.

7. False. King Charles XII of Sweden is attributed with this.

8. True. Saint Valentine is the patron saint of lovers, beekeepers, and epileptics.

9. True. A poem written in 1415 by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife.

10. False. It's the other way around. Red for love and yellow for friendship.

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