Printable Bible Games for Seniors

Looking to have fun while deepening your faith? This collection of Bible games for seniors offers a variety of entertaining and challenging activities. Enjoy the interactive Who Am I Bible Game, test your knowledge with the True or False Lenten Season Quiz, or spend a quiet afternoon with the Large Print Bible Word Search Game. Gather friends for the Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt. Best of all, these games are instantly downloadable, so you can purchase, print, and start playing in minutes.

My all-time favorite printable Bible Games for Seniors @grannymazeprintablesMy all-time favorite printable Bible Games for Seniors @grannymazeprintables

These Bible games for seniors are perfect for Bible study groups, church gatherings, or simply solo enjoyment. Let’s take a closer look at each game and how it can add a touch of friendly competition and spiritual enrichment to your day.

Here's a quick preview of the instant download Bible games for seniors:


  1. Who Am I Bible Game: 4 Ways to Play
  2. True or False Lenten Season Quiz
  3. Large Print Bible Word Search Game
  4. Easy Printable Bible Word Search Game
  5. Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt: Matthew 26-28
  6. Bible Verse Memory Challenge: 7 Last Words
  7. Bible Memorization Games: The Passion of Christ
  8. Multiple Choice Bible Trivia Questions
  9. Crossword Bible Puzzles
  10. Bible Word Scramble Game
  11. Fill in the Blanks Bible Game
  12. The Last Supper Memory Challenge: 3 Game Bundle

Printable Bible Games for Seniors

1. Who Am I? - A Biblical Guessing Game

Boost your faith and memory with the interactive "Who Am I?" Bible Game. Ideal for solo play or group gatherings, this game includes 15 famous Bible quotes and character images. Your mission: match each quote to its Bible character. Use the provided attributes for hints or test your memory by guessing without help. This game is a fun way to challenge your Bible knowledge and stay entertained.

How to play:

  1. Print pages 4-6 for the Bible characters and quotes, then cut out the cards on page 7. For larger cards, use pages 8-10.
  2. Match the quotes to the correct characters. Check your answers at the end to see how well you did.
  3. For group play, take turns guessing and matching quotes to characters.
  4. Try new ways to play, like timed challenges or team competitions.

An answer sheet is provided for checking your guesses.

Click here for more ideas and details >> Who Am I Bible Game

Start playing now and see how many characters you can identify correctly!

2. True or False Bible Game

Test Your Knowledge with the True or False Lenten Season Quiz

Have fun while deepening your biblical knowledge with this engaging true or false game. It's a perfect way to refresh what you know and clear up common misconceptions.

How to Play:

  1. Print the game card with a list of statements about biblical facts and stories.
  2. Decide if each statement is true or false. For group play, take turns answering.
  3. Discuss the answers together, turning it into a wonderful opportunity for fellowship and learning. Add a challenge by requiring a verse to justify each answer.

Ready to start? Let's see how well you know your Bible facts!

3. Bible Word Search Puzzles

Relax and Focus with Two Printable Puzzles

Ideal for a relaxing day, these word searches are great for improving focus and memory. Try these two engaging puzzles.

How to Play:

  1. Find all the words hidden in the puzzle.
  2. For added fun, time yourself and try to beat your record, or race against friends.

Ready to test your word search skills? Give it a go and see how quickly you can find all the words!

Large Print Bible Word Search Game

Easy Printable Bible Word Search Game

4. Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt

Matthew 26-28

Boost your memory and understanding with this scavenger hunt. Search for answers by reading Matthew 26-28. Use the 20 questions to explore these passages in a fun and interactive way.

How to Play:

    1. Print the question/reading sheet on page 1.
    2. Follow the clues to find answers (people, places, things).
    3. For group play, add complexity with cryptic clues or puzzles to solve.

For a greater challenge, read Matthew 26-28 the day before you play to really test your memory. Enjoy this meaningful way to connect with Scripture!

5. Two Bible Verse Memory Games

Bible Verse Memory Challenge: 7 Last Words

Keep your mind sharp and strengthen your faith with these Bible Verse Memory Games. This challenge uses Bible verses to make memory exercises inspirational and educational. Perfect for solo or group play, it includes three engaging games.

Game Details:

  • Game 1: Reflect on 7 provided Bible verses for a few minutes. Take a 30-minute break, then write down the verses from memory.
  • Game 2: Match 7 passages with their corresponding verses.
  • Game 3: Fill in the blanks for 7 statements using your Bible or by choosing the correct answer from the list.

All instructions and an answer sheet are included. 

Bible Memorization Games: The Passion of Christ

Deepen your understanding of the Passion of Christ and improve your memory with these engaging games. Start with a gentle reflection on the five mysteries traditionally prayed during Lent, and then tackle a fill-in-the-blanks challenge and a matching game with 12 verses from various books of the Bible.

What's Included:

  • Game 1: Reflect on the five mysteries to enhance your prayer.
  • Game 2: Fill in the blanks using your memory or your Bible (6 passages).
  • Game 3: Match 12 verses to their corresponding passages.

An answer sheet is included for easy verification. Enjoy improving your recall and nurturing your spiritual growth!

6. Multiple Choice Bible Trivia Game

Engaging Lenten Season Quiz

Test your knowledge with this multiple-choice Lenten Season Quiz. Featuring 12 simple yet engaging questions, this game is perfect for group play or solo enjoyment. Add a little friendly competition to your gathering with this fun printable quiz. What is the original meaning of Lent? Come find out... 

7. Crossword Bible Puzzles

Double Bible Crossword Challenge

Enjoy testing your biblical knowledge with these specially designed crossword puzzles. Each word relates to a story, character, or theme from the Bible. Perfect for seniors, these puzzles provide a fun and easy way to engage with Scripture.

How to Play:

  1. Print out the crossword puzzle sheets or do one at a time.
  2. Choose a word and locate its squares on the grid. Use a pencil for easy corrections.
  3. Fill in the words across and down.
  4. Add a challenge by setting a time limit or competing with friends to see who finishes first.

Ready to solve now? Go grab your pencil...

8. Bible Word Scramble

Brain-Teasing Fun

Get ready for some brain-teasing fun with this word scramble game. Featuring 30 biblical word puzzles, this game is packed with wisdom and perfect for solo play or group activities. Test your knowledge and stay entertained. Purchase, print, and play in minutes!

Ready to unscramble? Click here!

9. Fill in the Blanks Bible Game

The Last Supper

Challenge your mind and spirit with fill-in-the-blank activities featuring key Bible passages from Matthew 26:17-30. Test your memory as you complete familiar scriptures, reinforcing your understanding of God's Word in an enjoyable way!

How to Play:

  1. Print out the fill-in-the-blank sheets.
  2. Read the incomplete verses and fill in the missing words from memory.
  3. Instead of using the answer key provided, find the Bible passage that confirms your answers.
  4. Share your completed scriptures with friends or family members for an enriching discussion!

Ready to reinforce your knowledge?

>> Start Playing Today

10. The Last Supper Memory Challenge

3 Game Bundle

Experience the events of the Last Supper with this super fun game bundle. It includes 8 multiple-choice questions, 14 quiz questions from Luke 22:7-23, and a challenge to identify who was present at the Last Supper. 


  • Game 1: Answer 8 multiple-choice questions by selecting the correct answer.
  • Game 2: Respond to 14 quiz questions from Luke 22:7-23, either from memory or by referencing the passage.
  • Game 3: Identify who attended the Last Supper.

An answer sheet is provided for easy verification.

Ready to experience the Last Supper in a new way? >> Get your copy now!

Easy, Engaging, and Educational Bible Games for Seniors!

Enjoy a blend of entertainment, spiritual growth, and improved brain health with these printable Bible games for seniors.

These games offer engaging opportunities to deepen your understanding of faith while promoting memory recall and mental agility. Designed to be easy to understand and easy to see, they ensure a fun experience while fostering a deeper connection with your faith and friends.

So, gather your game partners or set up a cozy corner at home and start playing these educational and entertaining Bible games. All the benefits are just a few clicks away.

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