Games to Play with Grandchildren

Ah, grandkids – those little bundles of energy that keep us young at heart, even when our bodies beg to differ. As a grandparent, you know that one minute, you're basking in the peaceful quiet, and the next, a tiny tornado sweeps through, leaving a trail of giggles and chaos in its wake.

To help calm the storm, here are some super fun printable games to play with grandchildren with twists and ideas to keep them (and you) amused for hours. 

With a few of these clever printable games up your sleeve, you'll have your grandkids eating out of the palms of your hands (well, not literally... that would be unsanitary). From old classics like bingo and crossword puzzles to storytelling quiz games and scavenger hunts with a twist, these fun-filled activities below will help cement your "Grandma or Grandpa of the Year" status. 

This is my favorite I SPY game (instantly downloadable) that'll turn the hidden image scavenger hunt adventure into quality time with your grandkids! 

'I Spy' Hidden Image Scavenger Hunt Game

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Instant Download I Spy Printable Scavenger Hunt Game for grandparents and grandchildren @grannymaze

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DIY Classic Games to Play with Grandchildren

Bingo, Anyone?

Bingo is a fantastic way to bond with your grandkids! It involves marking off numbers or images on bingo cards as they’re called out, aiming to complete a winning pattern like five in a row. It’s simple to play and just requires a little setup.

To make it extra special, you can customize bingo cards to suit your grandchild’s interests. Here’s how you can tailor the game for different age groups:

  • Ages 3-5
    Use cards with large, recognizable images like animals, shapes, or favorite characters. Clearly call out the pictures, and let the kids cover the matching images on their card.
  • Ages 5-8
    Transition to number-based bingo cards. This helps reinforce number recognition and basic math skills. You can also use colors, letter-number combinations, or simple math problems to keep it engaging.
  • Ages 8-12
    Create themed bingo cards related to their interests, such as sports, books, movies, or music. This keeps the game exciting and relevant to their current likes.

Regardless of their age, bingo helps improve listening skills, concentration, and most importantly, it’s a great way to spend quality time together. When someone shouts “Bingo!” the excitement is contagious!

Making Bingo More Fun and Interactive

Using fun markers, stickers, or small treats to cover the spots on the bingo cards adds a tactile, interactive element that kids love. Traditional bingo sets come with translucent colored discs or paper markers, but you can spice it up with these alternatives:

  • Stickers - choose colorful and themed stickers that match the card visuals.
  • Treats - use small candies like M&Ms or Skittles. They can be a sweet reward for winning!
  • Washable Markers - dry erase markers work well for reusable cards.

So, grab some fun covers and get ready for an adaptable, enjoyable game night. 

Easy and Fun Printable Hangman Games to Play with Grandchildren

Hangman is a classic game that’s perfect for playing with your grandchildren. One player picks a word, phrase, or saying and draws a series of dashes representing the letters. The other player guesses letters, trying to identify the word before the hangman diagram is completed!

How to Play:

  1. Print out some hangman templates and grab a pencil or pen.
  2. For younger kids (ages 3-5), use short 3-4 letter words related to their interests like pets, toys, or foods. Offer letter hints to help.
  3. Kids ages 5-8 can handle longer words and simple phrases. Keep the subject fun and age appropriate.
  4. Older grandkids (ages 8-12) will enjoy challenging multi-word phrases, movie titles, or inside jokes. You can also set categories or have them try to stump you!

Tips for Making Hangman Extra Fun:

  • For younger kids - use familiar, simple words and drawings to help them guess.
  • For older kids - incorporate categories like movies, books, or sports. Include silly words or inside jokes to keep the game lively. You might even learn a new slang term or two!

No matter their age, hangman games encourage literacy, problem-solving, and bonding through playful guessing. The endless options ensure everyone has a great time.

And now, here are my top 10 fun printable games that you can start playing today.

10 Fun Printable Games to Play with Your Grandchildren

1. Customized Crossword Puzzles

Create crossword puzzles filled with words and clues related to your grandchild's interests, inside jokes, or family memories.

A customized printable crossword puzzle is one of the best games to play with grandchildren that can be tailored to their age and interests. Create themed crosswords with clues related to their favorite things. Use pictures for ages 3-5, simple words and characters for 5-8, and clever wordplay for 8-12. You can use plain grid paper and solve the puzzles together using just a pen or pencil.

Let the hints you write spark conversation and create new memories. The personalization will make it a more engaging game to play with them.

If spending the day making a crossword puzzle is not your idea of fun >> click here

2. Personalized Word Searches

Design word searches with names of family members, favorite toys, books, or TV shows hidden within.

A personalized word search is one of the most adaptable games to play with grandchildren, tailoring the hidden words to their current interests - toy names for ages 3-5, favorite books or TV shows for 5-8, or inside jokes and teen idols for 8-12 year olds. With just a printed grid and pencil, you can make it competitive by racing or go at a relaxed pace, working together to connect over shared hobbies while building vocabulary. 

>> Click here for fun printable word search games.

3. Memory Match Game

Print out matching pairs of cards featuring pictures of your grandchild's favorite characters, animals, or objects.

A printable memory match game is one of the easiest games to play with grandchildren of all ages. Print out a set of cards with matching pairs of images - for ages 3-5 use large, simple pictures of objects, animals or shapes. Kids 5-8 will enjoy matching favorite characters, toys or games. And for 8-12 year olds, get creative with matching memes, trends or inside jokes you both share.

Lay out the cards face down, then take turns flipping over two at a time, trying to find matches while working on memory skills.

4. Storytelling Prompts

Prepare prompts or story starters, and take turns building a silly, creative tale with your grandchild. Or you could try this...

These questions not only help you learn more about your grandchild's interests, dreams, and personality but also open up opportunities for meaningful conversations and bonding moments.

5. Scavenger Hunt

Printable scavenger hunt games are the perfect way to get grandkids of all ages engaged and having fun! The basic premise is simple - print out a colorful sheet with images, objects, or words hidden within a busy scene or collage. Then take turns challenging each other to find those hidden elements. You can add clues or riddles to make it more challenging.

For younger kids ages 3-5, start with simpler scavenger hunts featuring larger, more obvious images like common animals, shapes, or basic objects. Make it into an "I Spy" game by giving clues (see below I SPY game). For ages 5-8, increase the difficulty with smaller, more intricate pictures and incorporate their interests like favorite characters or toys. Ages 8-12 can handle complex scenes with tons of tiny, cleverly camouflaged images and objects to spot.

No matter the age, these scavenger hunts encourage focus, observation, and cognitive skills all while allowing quality bonding time. You'll need just a printer, some printouts, and a packet of fun stickers or a dry erase marker to mark off finds. Taking turns and working together makes it collaborative fun! Adjust the gameplay for different abilities - race against the clock, see who can find the most, or simply relax and scavenge at your own pace.

Scavenger Hunt Games


6. I Spy Printables

Design "I Spy" pages with busy scenes or collages, challenging your grandchild to find specific objects, symbols or colors. Or anything they love - dogs, cats, horses, bugs. You can even use the alphabet, depending on their age. Find some big colorful images to cut out or print out and make a collage. Set aside an afternoon to prepare or...

I've got a super fun hidden image I Spy scavenger hunt for you to play.

This hidden image scavenger hunt is a vibrant, busy collage with cleverly concealed objects related to dogs just waiting to be spotted. From doggy toys to everyday items, the checklist of 22 images will put your eagle eyes to the ultimate test. But more than just sharpening observation skills, it's an opportunity to spark laughter, create cherished memories, and strengthen that special grandparent-grandchild bond through the shared excitement of the hunt.

Print it out, gather your favorite little dog lover (or do it yourself), and get ready for an entertaining experience.

Bonus points if you make up your own hidden clues or riddles to really get those little noggins working.

I Spy Printable Scavenger Hunt in game store now @grannymaze
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7. Connect the Dots

Print out connect the dots pictures that reveal a fun image when completed, or let your grandchild create their own designs.

8. Coloring Pages

Find or create coloring pages featuring your grandchild's favorite characters, scenes, or patterns, and color them in together. Or use mine that are all set and ready to go.

9. Trivia Quiz

Prepare trivia questions about your grandchild's interests, family history, or general knowledge to test their skills.

Trivia Time with a Twist

Trivia games are a fantastic way to flex those brain muscles, but let's be real – they can get a tad boring for the youngsters. That's why we're adding a twist! Print out some trivia cards, but instead of just answering the questions, have them act out the answers in a silly charade-style game. Who knows, you might just discover your grandchild's hidden talent for theatrics!

To get you started, here are two places for super fun charade games and a super fun Holiday Charades game on Amazon. And of course, our whole trivia section!

10. Mad Libs

Create personalized Mad Libs stories with blank spaces for nouns, verbs, and adjectives that your grandchild can fill in for hilarious results. Sound too hard? These are super fun...

Printable Mad Libs Games


The Moments That Become Tradition

Thinking back, I remember when my grandson Timmy was a bundle of energy, always getting into mischief. One rainy afternoon, we found a printable game that changed everything.

It was a simple word search, but we filled it with our inside jokes, nicknames, and shared memories. Initially, Timmy was skeptical. "Word searches are for old people, Grandma!" he said, rolling his eyes.

But as we played, something magical happened. Each word uncovered brought back a cherished memory, and soon we were laughing and swapping stories. That simple game became a cherished tradition, a way for us to connect and create new memories.

That's the beauty of my games to play with grandchildren. They're not just time-fillers, they're a gateway to something far more precious... a FUN reason to spend some quality time together.

A Few Questions... FAQ

Just click on the arrows for the answers.

1. Are these games suitable for all ages?

Answer - Absolutely! The beauty of these printable games is that they can be tailored to suit any age group, from the youngest toddler to the sassiest teen. Simply adjust the difficulty level and themes to match their interests and skills. I've listed loads of ideas above.

2. Do I need any special equipment or materials?

Answer - No, not at all! All you need is a printer, some paper, and maybe a few crayons or markers to add some extra flair. The rest is all up to your imagination. Oh, and probably cookies of some kind!

3. Can these games be played alone, or do they require multiple players?

Answer - Both! Any of the games above are suitable for both groups or as a one-on-one bonding experience between you and your grandchild. You can be the leader and instruct a group of kids what to do, or you can join in and play along with them. Take the I SPY game for example - you can print out a few tick lists for each child to have in front of them, you describe the images or make up riddles, while they find them on one or more shared main image depending on group size. It's all about finding the right balance and keeping things engaging.

4. How often should we play these games?

Answer - Trivia games every day for sure will keep your own brain healthy and agile. Whether it's a weekly tradition, a rainy-day activity, or just a spontaneous burst of fun, there's no limit to the laughter and memories you can create with printable games to play with grandchildren. So, play as often as your heart desires with them!

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'I SPY' Hidden Image Scavenger Hunt Game

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