Chinese New Year Printables

8 Free Games for an Auspicious Year Ahead

Seniors, it's time to spruce up your festivities with a burst of creativity. These Chinese New Year printables aren't just games; they're an invitation to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of tradition and celebration.

Test your knowledge with Chinese New Year trivia questions and give your brain a workout with word search games like our Chinese Foodie Tour Word Search. Roll the dice in the Chinese New Year Dice Game for a mix of chance and strategy. Explore the cultural richness with printable Chinese New Year characters and get coloring pages of all 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. Sharpen your detective skills with the Chinese New Year scavenger hunt.

Each game offers a unique blend of fun and learning, promising hours of amusement. The best part? They're all free!

Games for Chinese New Year: 8 Free Games You Can Print and Play in Minutes @grannymazeGames for Chinese New Year: 8 Free Games You Can Print and Play in Minutes @grannymaze

You can instantly download and print our exclusive Chinese New Year printables and start playing in minutes. It's that easy to help make your Chinese New Year memorable and set the foundation for a whole year of good fortune!

First, let's look at some fun facts about Chinese New Year and then the free games. Or you can skip ahead...

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8 Free Chinese New Year Printables


Some Fun Facts About Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the longest celebration in the Chinese calendar. Often referred to as the Spring Festival, this vibrant occasion transcends a mere name, embodying the hope and renewal associated with the arrival of spring. The festivities include a unique tradition of warding off mythical monsters, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil.

As families gather to celebrate, a set of customs comes into play, with a temporary ban on activities like showering, sweeping, or discarding garbage during the first day to preserve the good fortune believed to accompany the New Year. The joyous occasion also sees the exchange of red envelopes, or "hongbao," containing lucky money, ensuring blessings and prosperity for the younger generation.

Besides savoring the delectable dumplings, a hallmark of the festivities, families engage in various rituals that highlight the rich tapestry of cultural significance woven into the fabric of Chinese New Year.

So here are some fun facts about Chinese New Year:

  • Chinese New Year is the longest Chinese holiday. 
  • Chinese New Year is also called the Lunar festival in other Asian cultures.
  • It's a sacred time to spend time with family. People travel from afar to reunite at this time of year.
  • Monsters are fought off with firecrackers, fireworks and .... find out in the trivia game below.
  • It's super advantageous to eat LOTS of dumplings.

FREE Chinese New Year Printables

Chinese New Year Trivia Questions

The first trivia game is a straight Q&A with 10 questions. Game 2 is fill in the blanks, a little trickier and game 3 is multiple choice. A little variety for you! You can download one or all three. They're all free.

Here are some trivia questions from the games. Just click on the little arrow for the answer to appear.

**Hint: if you want to download and play all 3 trivia games don't look at the answers below! Skip to the free download section instead by clicking here >> go straight to the free download <<

1. What does Chinese New Year end with?

Answer - The Lantern Festival.

2. What does the hole in the Chinese coin mean?

Answer - Lucky Chinese coins are round with a square hole in the center. They represent both heaven (the circle) and earth (the square), and because of this, they're deemed especially auspicious.

3. How many Chinese coins do you need for good luck?

Answer - A set of three, six or nine Feng Shui coins are considered lucky.

4. Why are dumplings lucky?

Answer - They symbolize wealth.

5. Why is it traditional to put coins in dumplings?

Answer - Whoever eats the dumpling with the coin has good luck and will be lucky in the upcoming year.

6. What else scares off Nian, the monster besides firecrackers?

Answer - The color red. Chinese families hang up red lanterns, strings of chili peppers, and other red decorations! People also wear red clothes to Spring Festival festivities.

7. What is given to children to celebrate Chinese New Year?

Answer - Chinese children receive cash enclosed in red envelopes (also called red packets or pockets). The money is thought to help transfer fortune from the elders to the next generations.

8. What is the most important thing in Chinese New Year?

Answer - The reunion dinner. All family members travel to reunite for Chinese New Years. The extended family too joins around the table for a meal that includes many lucky foods like fish and dumplings.

9. Are children allowed to celebrate Chinese New Year?

Answer - Yes. The whole family reunites during this time.

10. True or False. The date of Chinese New Year is February 1st.

Answer - False, the dates change every year.

11. What is the Chinese New Year also known as? 

Answer - The Spring Festival.

12. In the Chinese zodiac, what animal represents the year 2024? 

Answer - Dragon.

13. What color is traditionally associated with good luck in Chinese New Year celebrations? 

Answer - Red.

14. What is the significance of cleaning the house before Chinese New Year? 

Answer - Sweeping drives away the bad luck of the previous year to allow for a new start.

15. Which legendary creature is often depicted during Chinese New Year celebrations? 

Answer - Dragon (Dragon Art).

16. What does the red envelope (hóngbāo) symbolize in Chinese New Year customs?

Answer - The red envelope symbolizes good luck and prosperity for the new year ahead. The pouches are filled with money, but the importance is not the cash inside, it’s the red color of the envelope itself.

17. What sweet treat is commonly exchanged and consumed during Chinese New Year?

Answer - Nian Gao.

18. What is the main dish served on Chinese New Year's Eve, symbolizing family unity?

Answer - Sweet rice balls.

19. How long does the Chinese New Year celebration typically last?

Answer - Festivities typically run for 15 days or 16 if you count Chinese New Year's Eve celebrations.

20. What does Gong Xi Fa Cai mean?

Answer - "Gong Xi Fa Cai" is often the opening phrase people say to others in the spring festival, meaning "May you become rich in the new year" or "Wish you to be prosperous in the coming year!"

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Chinese New Year Word Search Games

Challenge your mind by locating traditional New Year themed words hidden within the grid. Simply scan horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to discover words like "dragon," "lantern," and "firework." They might be backwards too. And then simply circle or mark the words you find.

There are 3 different word search games to give you both mental exercise and entertainment. Each trivia game gets a little harder as you progress, game 1 being the easiest to solve. 

Engage in a solo adventure or gather friends for a friendly competition to see who can find all the words first. It's a perfect blend of mental exercise and festive fun to bring the spirit of Chinese New Year right to your fingertips.

So, gear up for a brain-teasing adventure... it's time to elevate your leisure moments with a perfect blend of challenge and fun!

Game 5

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Chinese New Year Dice Game @grannymaze
Chinese New Year Game Shop @grannymaze

Free Printable Chinese New Year Dice Game

This Chinese New Year Dice Game uses prompts to help you build a story to tell - character, time, place and the conflict.

To play: 

Roll one dice four times. Each roll will tell you your character, settings and conflict to create your story. Write it down and then read it out loud to your teammates. Set a timer for 5 minutes and the best story wins!

Download & Play

Game 6

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Chinese New Year Scavenger Hunt @grannymaze
Chinese New Year Game Shop @grannymaze

Chinese New Year Scavenger Hunt

Download and print this game with 22 images contained in one fun, colorful dragon mosaic. Use them yourself or make them into an easy and fun party game.

  • 22 images to find with scavenger hunt list to check off so you can keep track of scores.
  • A scavenger hunt list of images and symbols for each word.
  • Perfect for seniors who lean towards a visually oriented format.

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Game 7

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Printable Chinese New Year Animals Coloring Pages @grannymaze
Chinese New Year Game Shop @grannymaze

Printable Chinese New Year Animals

Coloring pages for all 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. Get out your crayons or watercolor paints because these will be beautiful when you're finished.

  • Black and white outline.
  • Super fun images.
  • Crafted for seniors desiring a visually enriching experience.

Download & Play

Game 8

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Printable Chinese New Year Characters @grannymaze
Chinese New Year Game Shop @grannymaze

Printable Chinese New Year Characters

Have fun reproducing the characters that say Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Lunar New Year.

  • Black and white outlines to color in.
  • Two different fonts.
  • Ideal for seniors seeking a more visual engagement.

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