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5 Memory Boosting Printable Games for Seniors

Ready to spark up your New Year's festivities? Start planning now with five sensational, free printable games for the New Year. Get ready to test your knowledge with a lively trivia quiz, embark on a wordy adventure with the New Year's Eve word search, crack the codes in the crossword puzzle, and be the lead detective in the New Year's Eve scavenger hunt. 

And don't miss my absolute favorite – the free matching games tailored for seniors, designed to boost memory and recall with three levels of brain-teasing difficulty. Your New Year just got a whole lot more exciting - scroll down!

Banish boredom with these entertaining games for the New Year. Whether you're flying solo or celebrating with friends and family, this is one easy way to bring in the New Year with joy, laughter, and a whole lot of fun. Set the tone for a whole new year.

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5 Games for the New Year to Make Your Celebrations Epic!

New Year's Eve Trivia Game

This trivia quiz is international. Stretch your mind around the globe about NYE traditions.

Here's how you can play and add a dash of friendly competition to your celebration:

1. Gather Your Crew. 
Round up your pals, family, or whoever's sharing the New Year's joy with you. The more, the merrier!

2. Set the Scene. 
Create a cozy game corner with snacks, drinks, and the Trivia Game cards. Dim the lights for that extra touch of mystery.

3. Let the Brain Teasing Begin!
With questions ranging from traditional to ridiculous, take turns answering. The one with the most correct answers claims the coveted title of Trivia Champ!

Just click on the little arrow to open the answer.

1. Which city celebrates New Year's Eve with a ball drop?

Times Square, New York City

2. Which country traditionally celebrates the New Year with the ringing of 108 bells?


3. What fruit is considered a symbol of good luck if eaten on New Year's Eve in Spain?


4. What is the traditional New Year's Eve song that begins with "Should auld acquaintance be forgot"?

Auld Lang Syne

5. Which comedian hosts an annual New Year's Eve special on CNN known for its humor and insights?

Anderson Cooper

6. In what month does the famous Tournament of Roses Parade take place on New Year's Day?


7. What is the name of the Scottish New Year's Eve dish made with sheep's stomach?


8. In which country is it a tradition to eat 12 grapes at midnight on New Year's Eve?


9. What is the purpose of the "First-Footing" tradition in Scotland on New Year's Eve Day?

To bring good luck for the coming year

10. Which U.S. city is known for its "Peach Drop" celebration on New Year's Eve?

Atlanta, Georgia

11. In Spain, what color is associated with good luck and is often worn on New Year's Eve?

Yellow for good fortune, Red for love. Underwear!

12. What ancient civilization is credited with starting the tradition of making New Year's resolutions?

The Babylonians

13. Which Roman god is the namesake for the month of January, when New Year's occurs?


14. In Brazil, it's customary to wear which color underwear for good luck on New Year's Eve?

White clothes, bright underwear. Note: white brings calm, pink attracts love and red passion, yellow brings money, green cultivates hope and blue symbolizes success. A true Brazilian makes a tactical choice to influence the New Year.

15. What is the traditional New Year's Eve drink in Denmark, consisting of hot spiced wine?


16. Which South American country is famous for its elaborate New Year's Eve fireworks displays at Copacabana Beach?


17. What is the Japanese New Year's Eve custom of "Nengajo?"

Sending New Year's Day cards

18. In what country do people participate in the New Year's Eve tradition of "Takanakuy," a fistfight festival to settle old grievances?


19. What is the purpose of breaking dishes on the front doors of friends in Denmark on New Year's Eve?

To bring good luck for the upcoming year

20. What is the name of the traditional New Year's Eve dish in Japan made with layers of rice, vegetables, and seafood?


Next up, we have the New Year's Eve Word Search. This word search puzzle features words related to New Year's. This game is fantastic for memory stimulation and can be played individually or competitively in a group. It's a great way to keep your mind active and engaged.

To play:

Prep Your Pencils
Equip everyone with pencils and the Word Search sheets. Pro-tip: go for festive-colored pencils to add a vibrant touch.

Time to Search
To make this more challenging, set a timer. As the clock ticks down, dive into the sea of letters to uncover New Year-themed words. The first one to fill their card wins. You can add that it's a rule to shout, "Happy New Year!" or the win is forfeited.

Celebrate Your Victory
Raise a toast to the Word Search whiz, and maybe throw in a victory dance for good measure. After all, wordsmiths deserve a moment in the spotlight!

New Year's Eve Crossword Puzzle – Decipher & Play

Decipher the clues first with the New Year's Crossword Puzzle. It's like a mental gym session, but way more enjoyable. Ready to flex those brain muscles?

Here's how to play:

Distribute the Crossword Grid
Hand out the Crossword Puzzle and pens. Tip: encourage collaboration for a group challenge or go solo for an extra thrill.

Decode the Clues
Each clue brings you closer to completing the puzzle. Work your way through, and don't be afraid to ask for hints if the crossword gods aren't smiling upon you.

Revel in Success
Completing the crossword is a victory in itself. Share high-fives, and perhaps indulge in a celebratory treat. You've earned it!

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New Year's Eve Scavenger Hunt – The Champagne Bottle Mosaic

There are 2 game cards in this game - the image where all the items are and the list of items to mark off as you find them. Sounds simple, right?

The images vary in size and orientation, adding an extra layer of difficulty to the scavenger hunt. You'll see a single image of a champagne bottle mosaic composed of 22+ images and symbols intricately woven together. From party hats to confetti, cocktails and fireworks, each element contributes to the hunt. The challenge is to identify and mark off each item hidden within the champagne bottle mosaic. 

The list game card will guide you on this visual treasure hunt. It's a detailed list of the 22+ items hidden within the champagne bottle mosaic. Just mark off each discovered item on the list card as you spot it within the mosaic. 

To prepare, print out as many sheets as you need. Have extra pens, pencils, or colorful crayons on hand in case someone forgets theirs.

To add a dash of excitement, you can introduce a time limit. Setting a timer can turn it into a friendly competition with others or yourself. The winning title goes to the clever detective with the most checked items when the clock runs out.

You can even set a prize for winning. Something tempting will elevate the anticipation for those playing. Homemade cookies or chocolates can be very motivating.

Use your imagination to transform your New Year's Eve Scavenger Hunt into a memorable experience.

3 New Year's Memory Challenge Games

There are 3 games in this set. The easy memory challenge with 8 images. Then we increase to 12, and then the advanced game has 16 New Year's related images. I made them this way so you could ease into improving your memory and recall.

All three games are suitable for solo use or 2 or more players.

Supplies Needed:
1. Printer and paper. 
2. Scissors to cut out the images if you have problems writing or speaking.
3. Printable Matching Pictures game cards (with your level preference) and the blank answer card. A copy for each player.
4. Pen, pencil or colored pens, pencils or crayons. Anything colorful will be more fun.
5. A timer (optional).

To Play:

1. Prepare. Print and cut out the game card images on the Cut Outs page, if you are using them. Cut or fold the easy 8 game in half. Note - you do not have to cut the 12 or 16 game cards in half, just the 8-image easy memory game card. 

2. Give each player a copy. Study the images on the card for not more than 5 minutes. You can use a timer for this. 

3. Turn the page over, so place it face down in the middle of the table or somewhere you cannot see them.

4. Start the game by setting a timer. While the time limit is optional, it does make this game more fun and challenging. Wait 3 minutes, go do something like get a drink of water, chat with your fellow participants, and then return to the blank answer sheet. Your first time you can wait 1 minute and increase the minutes between viewing and recalling as you progress.

5. Recall and record the name and location. Once your time is up, write down as many image names in the location that you remember.

6. Winning the game. The game can continue for a set number of rounds, or until everyone has had a chance to play and gets all of the answers correct. Or the player with the most correct guesses at the end of the game is the winner. Or if you're using set rounds - the player who is the first to correctly identify the names and location is the winner. Be sure to pick the set of rounds beforehand.

7. Variations. Stretch the time between studying the images and recalling them to all morning and even the next day or two. Look at the cards, go out for the day, and come back to see which ones you can recall and get right. Use your imagination for this, our minds need exercise too.

Remember to be kind and gentle to yourself, this can be challenging and it's important to say "great memory" after every single win. Or "I'll get that next time!" Keep it positive. You will improve.

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Note: after you get the link and download the PDF, be sure to save it to your computer. Because it opens in a browser does not mean it's on your local drive. Also, my games are strictly for personal, non-commercial use only.

These printable New Year's Eve games are easy to prepare and can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their age or ability. They are a wonderful way to make your New Year's Eve celebration even more joyful and memorable.

Let the ripple effect set a positive tone for a fun new year.

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5 Memory Boosting Printable Games for Seniors