Large Print Christmas Word Search Fun for Seniors

Easy to See. Easy to Play!

It's time to amp up your festive spirit and boost your brain power! I've got something special for the seniors out there – large print Christmas word search games that are not just merry but also fantastic exercise for our gray matter.

We're not just talking about any games – we're talking large print, easy-on-the-eyes, and crazy fun.

There are a couple of ways to play these games, some are super easy, and some are hard. I've scaled the difficulty so you can play with your grandkids or friends whether they're six or 106. 

Yule have so much fun with these 12 FREE festive large print Christmas word search games, all available in one free download to print out and play. 

But first, let's look at some of the benefits of these entertaining brain workouts, ideas to make this even more fun, and then the 12 large print games included in the free download. 

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Free Large Print Christmas Word Search Games


Large Print Christmas Word Search Game Book of 12 Games @grannymaze

The Benefits Checklist

Curious about why these games are more than just a joyful pastime? Let's unwrap some benefits together.

  • Clear and Readable: 
    The large print ensures easy readability, eliminating any strain on the eyes and making it accessible for varying vision abilities.
  • Cognitive Stimulation:
    Engaging in the word search games enhance cognitive function, promoting mental agility, memory recall, and concentration – a good workout for the brain. The twists and turns in the word searches are fantastic for maintaining cognitive flexibility.
  • Memory Boosting Stocking Stuffers: 
    Forgot where you put those keys? These games act like memory-boosting stocking stuffers. The process of searching for words in a sea of letters stimulates memory recall, a gift that keeps on giving.
  • Stress-Free Activity: 
    Amidst the holiday chaos, a game can offer a moment of calm focus. It's like finding a quiet corner at a bustling Christmas market – a mental retreat that helps you concentrate and enjoy the present moment.

How To Make This More Fun 

Now that you've heard about the benefits, let's get to the fun part – how to enjoy these large print Christmas word search games.

  • Santa's Rule #1 - Find the Festive Words:
    These games are simple yet exhilarating. You have a list of Christmas-themed words, and your mission is to find them in a grid of letters. It's like being Santa on a mission to discover the hidden gifts in a scavenger hunt. Two games are more challenging where the words need to be unscrambled first!
  • Reindeer Dash Against the Clock:
    Add a dash of excitement by timing yourself. Can you complete the word search before the cocoa gets cold? It's much more challenging to race against the clock, and the thrill of winning can increase your confidence. 
  • Elves' Supplies:
    Printable game sheet or sheets. Printer. Paper. Pens or pencils. Colored pencils and crayons! A comfortable place to sit. A cup of something hot (tea, coffee with Bailey's Irish Cream, hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps).

To play, you just need to pick a game and print it out. Find a comfy place to sit and have a pen or pencil handy. Using a colored pen or pencil is fun too. Print a copy for everyone that will be playing. Set a time limit or make it a race to up the challenge level.

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Inside The Large Print Christmas Word Search Game Book

Easy Christmas Word Search Games

These easy large print Christmas word search games are your new secret brain-boosting tools! The large, clear fonts make these games a stress-free and enjoyable experience, ensuring an entertaining and engaging time.

The Christmas-themed words hidden on the pages caters to both seasoned word search enthusiasts and those new to the game.

The games are specifically designed to help spark happiness and increase mental agility.

4 Easy Large Print Christmas Word Search Games

Easy Large Print Christmas Word Search Game @grannymaze

Free Christmas Word Search Printables @grannymaze

Printable Christmas Word Search @grannymaze

Large Print Winter Word Search Free Printable @grannymaze

An Easy Large Print Christmas Word Search Game with a Twist

This Christmas word search game uses images...

Printable Christmas Word Search Large Print Game Using Images @grannymaze

Large Print Christmas Games for Seniors @grannymazeGet Your Free Download Here
Download & Play

Medium - Hard Christmas Word Search Games

A Snowflake Word Search Game for Brainiacs

Ok, these words are hard, but I think they're easy to find.

Large Print Christmas Snowflake Shapes Word Search Games @grannymaze

Hard Christmas Word Search Games

2 Christmas Word Scramble Word Search Games

You must unscramble the words first and then find them, the proper word, in the word search puzzle. For example, in game 7 - NAEGL - is angel. So, look for the word angel in the word search.

Large Print Christmas Word Scramble Word Search Game @grannymaze

Large Print Easy Christmas Word Scramble Word Search Game @grannymaze

Other Christmas Themed Games

2 Bible Word Search Puzzles

Large Print Bible Word Search Printable Game @grannymaze

Large Print Free Printable Bible Word Search Game @grannymaze

A Winter Season and Advent Word Search

Free Printable Large Print Winter Word Search Game @grannymaze

Large Print Advent Word Search Printable Game @grannymaze

Download & Play

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Large Print Christmas Word Search Game Book @grannymaze
Large Print Christmas Games for Seniors @grannymaze

Large Print Christmas Word Search Game Book. FREE Printable Fun!

Download and print this book of 12 fun large print Christmas word search games. Use them yourself or make them into easy and fun Christmas party games.

  • Large print words make the hunt easy on the eyes.
  • Christmas-themed words that dance off the page.
  • Suitable for seniors who prefer a visual experience.

Download & Play

Heartwarming Testimonials

Let me share some heartwarming stories from seniors who've been playing the large print Christmas word search games from us:

"These games are like a cozy blanket on a winter night. They keep my mind warm and my spirits high. The large print is a game changer for me - no squinting, just plain fun!" - Dorothy, 68.

"I've always loved word searches, and these Christmas unscramble ones are a challenging twist. It's like the holidays come alive on paper. And the large print? Well, it's a game changer, especially when I misplace my reading glasses!" - George, 73.

Here's a quick rundown on printing your downloadable games from

After securing your game, download the PDF and save it where you'll remember. Just because it opens in your browser window does not mean it is saved to your computer. Open the file using your preferred PDF viewer, adjust the print settings as needed, hit 'Print,' and you're ready to roll with a tangible copy of your game.

Now, here's the important bit - these games are all about personal enjoyment, so keep the fun within your inner circle. We encourage sharing the joy with friends and family but strictly for non-commercial use. Remember, our games are our pride and joy, and while spreading happiness is fantastic, commercial activities, distribution, or resale are a no-go. 

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