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How Well Do You Know Your Friends?

Hey, Friends enthusiasts! I'm thrilled to bring you something extra special today – a Friends TV show trivia quiz tailored for young-at-heart seniors. We're embarking on a character-centric trivia journey that unveils fresh layers of Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe while flexing those mental muscles. Let's make game night unforgettable!

50+ Friends TV Show Trivia Quiz Questions

Friends TV Show Trivia Questions @grannymaze
50+ Friends TV Show Trivia Questions @grannymaze
Friends TV Show Trivia Questions @grannymaze


  1. The Coffee Shop Hang Out
  2. The One with the Love Stories
  3. The Comedy Special
  4. The Eccentric Diva
  5. The Paleontologist's Puzzle
  6. The Fashionista's Finesse
  7. The Culinary Genius's Cuisine
  8. The Sexy Ladies' Man
  9. The Sarcastic Sage
  10. Could This BE Any More Nostalgic?

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In memory of Matthew Perry who played Chandler Bing. May he rest in peace and know he was loved.

The Coffee Shop Hang Out

1. What's the name of the coffee shop where the gang hangs out?
2. Which character is a barista at the coffee shop?
3. Who occasionally plays there?
4. In what city is it located?
5. Name two recurring characters who worked there.

The One with the Love Stories

6. Who says the first "I love you" in the series?
7. What episode do Rachel and Ross get together?
8. Which two characters get married in Vegas?
9. In which season does Monica and Chandler get engaged?
10. Who never kissed on Friends?

The Comedy Special

11. What is the funniest season of Friends?
12. What happened to the pivot couch?
13. Who gets stuck in an entertainment unit?
14. Chandler fell asleep during an important meeting at his workplace and accidentally accepted an offer to move where?
15. Who gets their head stuck in a turkey?

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Quirky Phoebe – The Eccentric Diva

16. What is the name of Phoebe's hit song?
17. Can you name all of Phoebe's siblings?
18. Who is Phoebe's ex-husband?
19. Where does Phoebe find a thumb?
20. Where did Phoebe find the cat she believed was her mother?

Ross – The Paleontologist's Puzzle

21. What is Ross's profession?
22. How many times has Ross been married?
23. Can you name Ross's ex-wives?
24. What is the name of Ross's first child?
25. Which Museum does Ross work at?

Rachel – The Fashionista's Finesse

26. Where does Rachel work at the beginning of the series?
27. Who was Rachel's first fiancé?
28. What is Rachel's verbal tic when she gets uncomfortable?
29. What is the name of Rachel's daughter?
30. In which season does Rachel move to Paris?

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Monica – The Culinary Genius's Cuisine

31. What is the name of Monica's restaurant?
32. Who was Monica's first roommate before Rachel moved in?
33. What is Monica's catchphrase when she's cleaning?
34. Who is Monica's first serious boyfriend in the series?
35. What does Monica accidentally send out as her Christmas card?

Joey – The Sexy Ladies' Man

36. What is Joey's signature pick-up line?
37. Can you name Joey's soap opera character?
38. What is Joey's favorite food?
39. Who is Joey's agent?
40. What is the name of Joey's stuffed penguin?

Chandler – The Sarcastic Sage

41. In what season do Chandler and Monica adopt twins?
42. What is the name of Chandler's father's Las Vegas all gay burlesque show?
43. What is Chandler's middle name?
44. What is Chandler's job?
45. What is Chandler's catchphrase?

Could This BE Any More Nostalgic? – Season Highlights

46. Which season features Ross's infamous leather pants incident?
47. Who gets trapped in an ATM vestibule with a supermodel?
48. Which Friends episode is the funniest?
49. Do Joey and Rachel ever sleep together?
50. In which season does Chandler accidentally reveal Ross's love for Rachel?

There you have it – an extended Friends TV show trivia adventure designed for our seniors. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just rediscovering the magic, these questions are sure to spark joy and laughter. Gather your friends, set the stage, and let the Friends-themed game night begin!

The Friends TV Show Trivia Quiz Answers

Friends TV Show Trivia @grannymazeAnswer is Trifle
50+ Friends TV Show Trivia Questions @grannymazeAnswer is Bruce Willis
Friends TV Show Trivia @grannymazeAnswer is Marcel

1. Central Perk
2. Gunther
3. Phoebe Buffay
4. New York City
5. Joey and Rachel
6. Monica
7. Season 2: Episode 14 - The One with the Prom Video
8. Ross and Rachel
9. Season 6
10. Monica and Joey; Monica and Ross.
11. Season 8 (2001 - 2002) is the only time that Friends won the Emmy for Best Comedy Series.
12. It gets wrecked. The couch gets stuck on the stairs, falls and is cut in half.
13. Joey
14. Tulsa, Oklahoma
15. Joey
16. Smelly Cat
17. Ursula (twin sister) and Frank Buffay, Jr. (half-brother)
18. Mike Hannigan
19. A soda can
20. The street
21. Paleontologist
22. Three times
23. Carol Willick and Emily Waltham
24. Ben
25. Museum of Natural History

26. Central Perk
27. Barry Farber
28. She clears her throat.
29. Emma
30. Season 10
31. Javu
32. Phoebe Buffay
33. "I know!"
34. Dr. Richard Burke
35. A sexy Christmas picture
36. "How you doin'?"
37. Dr. Drake Ramoray
38. Bologna Sandwich/sandwiches and a close second is double-decker pizza.
39. Estelle Leonard
40. Hugsy
41. Season 10
42. Viva Las Gaygas
43. Muriel
44. Statistical Analysis and Data Reconfiguration
45. "Could this BE any more (fill in the blank)?"
46. Season 5
47. Chandler Bing
48. The One with the Rumor (season 8, episode 9)
49. No
50. Season 1, Episode 24 - The One Where Rachel Finds Out

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