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If you're looking for the perfect way to add a dash of cheer to your celebrations, our Christmas Would You Rather game for seniors is your ticket to a jolly good time! Our collection of 80+ merry questions below will spark laughter and lively discussions.

WOULD YOU RATHER ride a reindeer-drawn sleigh through the starlit snow-covered forest, OR have a cozy fireside chat with Santa himself?

WOULD YOU RATHER have Rudolph's nose that lights up when you tell a bad joke, OR Santa's belly that jiggles like a bowl full of jelly every time you laugh?

But that's not all! In our gift bag of delights, you'll find not just one, but two yuletide games to choose from. Get a complimentary sample of our Christmas Edition game, featuring 40 super fun questions ready to be printed, cut out, and played instantly – you'll receive a taste of 10 in the sample. And if you're hungry for even more holiday cheer, we've got a premium edition for purchase, packed with 54 questions inspired by holiday traditions from around the globe - Australia, the UK, Canada, Scandinavia, and Japan.

So, let's dive into the joyous world of our Christmas Would You Rather game where laughter, memories, and a touch of international flair await! This is one easy way to spend some quality time with your loved ones, let's get started.

Christmas Would You Rather Game

CHRISTMAS  |  40 Q&A  |  16 PAGES  |  EASY

How to Play Christmas Would You Rather

You might want to start by getting everyone seated comfortably, and perhaps with a warm cup of cocoa or a festive eggnog.

Designate one person as the host or game master, they will be in charge of reading out the "would you rather" questions. The questions in the list below are categorized to suit an older audience, but they're suitable for family fun too. All ages are welcome!

Allow enough time for each player to ponder the options and then make their choice. Some choices might instigate debates or giggles, but mostly, it's about having a great time.

When and where to play:

Perhaps you're wondering when and where to play this game. The beauty of this type of game is that it can be played literally anywhere and at any time during the holiday season. Break it out after a festive meal, during a quiet night by the fireplace, or even during a Christmas Eve party. No matter the setting or time, laughter and cheer are guaranteed!

Variations on how to play:

Now, let's stir things up a bit. You can add several variations to the original game to make it even more entertaining. Consider incorporating a timer to speed things up and add an element of excitement. Or perhaps, introduce a points-based system where players earn points for the most creative, witty, or out-of-the-box answers.

Here are a few ideas for playing this game:

  1. Allow each participant to answer the same question and discuss their choices.
  2. Provide each player with a whiteboard to jot down their answers and share them as a group.
  3. Draw numbers from a hat and ask the questions from the lists below.
  4. Pick a question and try to guess what your partner would choose, and then let your partner guess your choice in return.
  5. Roll up the free cut outs from our game and place them inside your Christmas crackers.

>> Don't forget to grab the free sample below with 10 of the 40 Would You Rather Christmas Questions and cut outs!

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Fun Christmas Themed Categories

Christmas-themed "would you rather" questions are at the heart of the game. They can be grouped into several categories, such as Christmas characters, holiday foods, Christmas traditions, and winter scenarios, just to name a few. 

Christmas characters, for instance, can spark fantastic conversations.

Would you rather take a sleigh ride with Santa or build a snowman with Frosty?

Would you rather be one of Santa's elves or guiding Rudolph on Christmas Eve?

Then we have our festive food category. 

Would you rather only eat fruitcake for the entire season or swap your Christmas turkey for a large Christmas pudding?

Would you rather make cookies for Santa or gulp down a gallon of eggnog?

Christmas traditions can get pretty hilarious too. Imagine choosing between these:

Would you rather unwrap presents with oven mitts or sing Christmas carols backwards the entire holiday?

Would you rather decorate a 30ft Christmas tree or untangle Christmas lights for eight hours straight?

Winter scenarios bring seasonal fun into the mix. Picture deciding between these:

Would you rather discover Santa’s secret workshop or invent a machine to help the elves make more edible presents? 

Would you rather use candy canes as ski poles to go skiing with Santa or have an unlimited snowball fight with the elves?

Just for fun, let’s add in some extra silly and unlikely scenarios! These absurd situations are bound to create a lot of laughter!

Would you rather always wear a Santa suit during December or have a Christmas tree decorating itself whenever a Christmas song plays?

Would you rather have prickly holly in your bed or mistletoe growing out of your head?

For the Christmas Would You Rather game, it's all about making the holiday season more fun, engaging, and memorable. The intended aim is not only to bring joy and amusement, but to also trigger nostalgia, fondly looking back over past Christmases and family traditions.

Additionally, this game can also contribute to improving your brain health since many questions present scenarios that require imagination and quick-thinking, subtly honing mental agility.

Moreover, in the mist of the holiday excitement, the Christmas Would You Rather game can also be a bridge that connects different generations. This Christmas edition for adults can equally involve younger family members, making it a festive bonding opportunity for everyone around.

Humor is at the core of the Christmas Would You Rather game. The questions, no matter how absurd or surreal, always result in hearty laughter and light-hearted banter. Being able to laugh during the holiday season is great for your mental wellbeing and overall mood, making this game a real gift!

Remember, your list of Christmas-themed "would you rather" questions should be accessible, either digitally or printed. To make it feel as festive as possible, you could have the questions on red and green cards or make a beautiful Christmas-themed booklet like the ones below.

Would you rather make your favorite cookies appear on command or share a meal with Mrs. Claus?
Would you rather time travel to Christmas from your past when you were 20 years old or 40 years old?

To make the game more unique, consider adding your traditional family practices and customs into the questions. This can bring forth incredible memories and shared laughter for everyone involved, especially if they don't recall what you do.

Ok, now you have some ideas of how to create this game for yourself. Let's get to the questions and the two games you can download if you don't want to make your own!

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Light Up the Party with These Jolly Questions

Here are the 40 questions in the game if are creative and want to make your own:


1. Would you rather have a Christmas feast with all your favorite dishes but with no decorations, or have a beautifully decorated Christmas setting with just a simple meal?

2. Would you rather bake and decorate a mountain of Christmas cookies but have to clean up all the mess, or skip the baking and enjoy store-bought cookies with no cleanup?

3. Would you rather have an unlimited supply of your favorite eggnog throughout the holiday season, or a chance to try a new, unique eggnog flavor every day?

4. Would you rather sip on hot cocoa with marshmallows or savor a warm cup of mulled wine during your Christmas gatherings?

5. Would you rather stick with traditional Christmas dishes you've known for years, or be adventurous and try new, unique holiday recipes with your family?


6. Would you rather receive one extraordinary Christmas gift, or a collection of smaller, thoughtful gifts from your loved ones?

7. Would you rather be a gift-wrapping expert and wrap all your presents perfectly, or have your gifts come pre-wrapped, but with unpredictable and amusing wrapping styles?

8. Would you rather receive a Christmas gift you've been hinting at for months, or a surprise gift that could be anything, including something you didn't know you wanted?

9. Would you rather give handmade gifts that show thought and effort, or choose convenient store-bought gifts that everyone loves?

10. Would you rather receive a well-intentioned but unwanted gift and figure out how to use it, or receive a regifted present with a heartfelt note?


11. Would you rather have your Christmas tree adorned with thousands of sparkling lights, or just a few carefully placed, larger lights that create a cozy atmosphere?

12. Would you rather decorate your home with shimmering tinsel that catches the light, or classic garland that adds a touch of tradition?

13. Would you rather have a real Christmas tree that fills your home with the scent of pine, or an artificial tree that's easy to set up and decorate?

14. Would you rather have a stunning outdoor light display that can be seen from miles away, or a charming, cozy porch decorated with wreaths and garlands?

15. Would you rather collect unique Christmas ornaments from all over the world, or have a tree adorned with homemade ornaments crafted by your family?

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16. Would you rather spend an evening singing Christmas carols with family and friends, or enjoy a quiet night in with hot cocoa and your favorite holiday songs?

17. Would you rather have a white Christmas with snow and outdoor activities like building snowmen and sledding, or a warm and cozy Christmas indoors without any snow?

18. Would you rather play Santa Claus and deliver presents to all the kids in your neighborhood, or be Santa's chief toy tester and get first dibs on all the toys?

19. Would you rather open one small present on Christmas Eve or save all the excitement for Christmas morning?

20. Would you rather host an ugly sweater party with friends, or enjoy a quiet evening with family in your comfiest PJs?

Christmas Movies:

21. Would you rather watch a non-stop marathon of classic Christmas movies like "It's a Wonderful Life" or a modern holiday comedy like "Elf"?

22. Would you rather spend Christmas with the Grinch who needs to find the true meaning of the holiday, or with Ebenezer Scrooge who will undergo a transformation by the end of the day?

23. Would you rather watch animated Christmas movies like "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" or live-action movies like "Home Alone"?

24. Would you rather be the main character in your favorite Christmas movie or have a cameo appearance in every Christmas movie ever made?

25. Would you rather write and star in a new heartwarming Christmas movie or direct a hilarious holiday comedy?

26. Would you rather have a movie night dedicated to classic black-and-white Christmas films like "Miracle on 34th Street" or more recent classics like "The Polar Express"?

27. Would you rather be the villain in your favorite Christmas movie, like the mischievous Wet Bandits from "Home Alone," or the lovable sidekick who helps save the day?

28. Would you rather have the ability to bring the characters in your favorite Christmas movies to life, or instantly transform into any character from a holiday movie and experience their adventures?

29. Would you rather host a 24-hour Christmas movie marathon with all your friends, or attend a special screening of your favorite holiday movie in a historic theater?

30. Would you rather live in the fantastical, animated world of the Grinch or the whimsical, magical world of the North Pole from "Elf"?

Winter Would You Rather:

31. Would you rather have an unexpected snow day, or a day when the weather is just perfect for all your winter activities?

32. Would you rather wear layers of cozy sweaters and scarves, or a stylish winter coat and hat for your outdoor adventures?

33. Would you rather create intricate, artistic snow sculptures in your yard, or build a classic snow angel and snowman with your family?

34. Would you rather indulge in hot cocoa and s'mores by the fire, or sip on mulled cider and munch on gingerbread cookies while watching the snowfall?

35. Would you rather have a well-established winter tradition that you celebrate every year, or create new and unique winter memories each season?

36. Would you rather have an epic snowball fight with your friends, or peacefully watch the snowfall from a warm and cozy spot by the fire?

37. Would you rather go ice skating on a frozen pond in the woods, or enjoy a day of indoor ice skating in a climate-controlled rink?

38. Would you rather spend your winter reading a book by the fireplace, wrapped in a blanket, or exploring the snowy wilderness with a group of friends?

39. Would you rather be a skilled skier who can tackle any slope, or a snowboarder mastering the terrain parks and halfpipes?

40. Would you rather escape to a charming cabin in the mountains for a quiet winter retreat or embark on an exciting winter cruise to explore different destinations?

Download Your Free Sample

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Jingle All the Way to Fun

Here's another list of entertaining, fun, and funny Christmas Would You Rather game questions. These questions are just in random order with only Santa and Christmas as the theme.

1. Would you rather have Santa's sleigh for a day or be the official taste-tester for all the Christmas cookies in the world?

2. Would you rather have a conversation with a snowman or a gingerbread man?

3. Would you rather choose watching gentle magical snow falling on Christmas morning or get a surprise gift every time you open your fridge?

4. Would you rather have a chat with the Grinch and convince him to love Christmas or have the power to make a snowman come to life?

5. Would you rather be a Christmas tree ornament or the star on top?

6. Would you rather travel to the North Pole to see Santa's workshop in action or be Santa's chief toy tester, trying out all the new toys before they're delivered?

7. Would you rather ride Rudolph or Frosty the Snowman in a sled race?

8. Would you rather swap stories by the fireplace with your favorite Christmas character or have them come to life and join your holiday festivities?

9. Would you rather eat gingerbread, or shortbread for two whole weeks?

10. Would you rather have jingle bells for feet or a candy cane for a nose?

11. Would you rather decorate your entire home with tinsel or twinkling lights?

12. Would you rather have a Christmas tree that's always filled with presents, but they're all empty boxes, or a tree that magically regrows its ornaments each time you take one off?

13. Would you rather the smell of gingerbread or hot cocoa wafting through your home during the festive season?

14. Would you prefer to have a snow globe that grants a single wish or a nutcracker that dances to your favorite tune whenever you wish?

15. Would you rather drink red wine or mulled wine on Christmas Eve?

16. Would you rather take a reindeer ride with the elves to explore the North Pole or embark on a magical sleigh ride across the globe with Santa?

17. Would you rather be in charge of gift wrapping or snowflake sorting?

18. Would you rather spend Christmas in a snowy wonderland or on a tropical island, sipping cold coconut water by the beach?

19. Would you rather make your favorite cookies appear on command or share a meal with Mrs. Claus?

20. Would you rather spend 7 hours listening to Christmas music or spend 7 hours Christmas shopping?

21. Would you rather time travel to Christmas from your past when you were 20 years old or 40 years old?

22. Would you rather have Mrs. Claus bake you an apple pie or have the neighbor cook for you all year?

23. Would you rather visit one of the best Christmas markets in the world (Wiener Christkindlmarkt in Vienna, Austria; Strasbourg Christkindelsmarik in Strasbourg, France) or have a warm Christmas in Australia?

24. Would you rather attend a Christmas party with your younger self or host a grand holiday feast for 20 of your family and friends?

25. Would you rather share a cup of cocoa with Scrooge or the Ghost of Christmas Present?

Let's Get More Creative!

To stretch that imagination, play the international version. Here are some questions for you from the Australian theme in our premium edition:

1. Would you rather spend Christmas day on Bondi Beach or in the lush Australian rainforest?

2. Would you rather have a Christmas feast with roast kangaroo or indulge in a seafood BBQ with fresh prawns and lobster?

3. Would you rather don a Santa suit in the scorching Australian summer or dress up as a surfing elf catching waves?

4. Would you rather celebrate Christmas in the bustling city of Sydney or in the serene and remote Outback?

5. Would you rather exchange Christmas presents under a eucalyptus tree's shade at a picnic or on a yacht in the Whitsunday Islands?

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Joy, Laughter, and Free Christmas Cheer with Our Print-and-Play Games!

And there you have it, a treasure trove of whimsical Christmas Would You Rather game questions that will infuse your holiday gatherings with laughter, nostalgia, and a sprinkle of magic. So, why not share these questions with your friends and loved ones and embark on a heartwarming journey through the holiday season?

May this festive season bring you endless moments of joy, laughter, and heartwarming connections.

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