Printable Christmas Trivia for Seniors

Granny's Top 9 Picks for Christmas Trivia Games

Get a sleigh full of festive fun with our Christmas Trivia for Seniors printable games, all crafted with love. Let me first tempt your taste buds with some sample trivia questions.

Christmas Trivia for Seniors: Is Santa call "Father Christmas" in the US or the UK? Answer @grannymazeSee #1 below for the answer!

I see trivia games like a snowball fight of festive facts. We all go head-to-head, answering questions that range from classic carols to the history of Christmas cake and candy! Spoiler alert: there might be bonus points for the best rendition of "Jingle Bells!"

Just click on the little arrow beside each number below to see the answer. Or click here to go straight to the games.

1. In which country is Santa Claus called 'Father Christmas'? The United States of America or the United Kingdom?

Answer - The United Kingdom. This has been part of British Christmas traditions for generations.

2. What is the title of the famous Christmas poem that begins with "Twas the night before Christmas"?

Answer - "A Visit from St. Nicholas" or "The Night Before Christmas."

3. In the song "Winter Wonderland," what do we pretend the snowman is until the other kids knock him down?

Answer - Pretend that he's a circus clown.

4. What beverage is typically left out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve?

Answer - Milk and cookies.

5. Which country is credited with the creation of eggnog?

Answer - England, United Kingdom.

6. In what year did Coca-Cola begin using Santa Claus in its advertising?

Answer - 1931.

7. What are the unique ingredients in a traditional Italian Christmas cake (Panettone)?

Answer - The candied orange or citrus peel, candied fruit and raisins are what makes this Christmas cake unique.

8. What is the oldest known Christmas candy?

Answer - Marzipan. While its precise origin is challenging to pin down, the earliest written references to "marzipan" date back to 16th-century Italy and Spain. Another legend has it that during a 15th-century famine in Lübeck, Germany, bakers, facing a shortage of bread flour, ingeniously crafted marzipan using eggs, sugar, and almonds as a solution. Maple Sugar Candy, and fudge were made later in the 1880's.

9. Which country celebrated Christmas first and when?

Answer - The first recorded celebration of Christmas dates back to the Roman Empire in A.D. 336 during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine.

10. When was Christmas wrapping paper invented?

Answer - 1917

11. Was Santa invented by Coca Cola?

Answer - No, Coca-Cola didn't invent Santa, but they gave him a makeover! Before 1931, Santa had many looks worldwide, from tall and gaunt to downright scary. However, Coca-Cola's ads did play a major role in shaping the jolly character we recognize today.

12. When was Santa first called Santa?

Answer -1773. Washington Irving's History of New York (1809) Anglicized "Sinterklaas" to "Santa Claus," marking the first recorded use of the name in the U.S. press. However, this Santa initially traded his bishop's attire for a green winter coat, resembling a stout Dutch sailor with a pipe.

Festive Flashbacks!

You can also use more personal questions for trivia games and take a stroll down memory lane, sprinkled with a touch of competitive spirit. Questions about past holiday experiences, like the best and weirdest gifts received, ensure that laughter echoes through the room. Bonus: remembering these moments enhances cognitive function—double win!

  • What's the best gift you've ever received during the holiday season? Or the worst?
  • Can you recall a memorable or somewhat unusual Christmas tradition from your past?
  • Share a funny or heartwarming memory from a past holiday celebration.

How to Play Printable Trivia Games

Now, the rules are simple – laughter is mandatory, creative guesses are encouraged, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere is key. With these simple steps and minimal supplies, you're all set for a fantastic round of printable trivia fun!

First you will need to print the game sheets after you download them. Hand out the copies and make sure to have enough pens or pencils to mark down your answers. Read the rules for the specific game. Now, about the answer time - you can encourage discussion for group games or set a time for each question to make it more challenging.

After each round reveal the correct answer. This may spark conversation. You may or may not want to keep scores and declare a winner, but it is fun. Whether you opt for traditional points or creative bonuses, ensure everyone understands how the scoring works.

Declare a winner! Tally the scores and declare the Christmas trivia for seniors' champion. A small prize or bragging rights can make the victory even sweeter.

Christmas Trivia Game Supplies Needed @grannymaze

Here are my 2 favorite Christmas trivia for seniors printable games at Granny Maze so far:

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Granny's Top 9 Favorite Trivia Games to Play at Christmas

Easy Christmas Trivia for Seniors

Designed with simplicity and enjoyment in mind, this game is perfect for a laid-back holiday gathering.

In this game you'll get questions like: "What is Santa’s real name?" And "How many reindeer does Santa have?" You can read the detailed instructions on how to play Easy Christmas Trivia; printing instructions; some ideas on when to play; the answers and more.

My favorite part is what to do if you are playing the game solo. Click here or on the image to go straight there.

Christmas Food and Drink Trivia Game

Let me spill the beans about the free Christmas Food and Drink Trivia Game—it's a feast for the mind and a treat for the taste buds! This game takes the holiday spirit to the next level by diving into the delectable world of Christmas culinary delights.

You can indulge in friendly competition, answer questions about festive feasts, mouthwatering treats, and the perfect holiday sips. From identifying classic Christmas dishes to sharing favorite recipes, this game transforms your holiday get-together into a flavorful journey.

This game is not just about testing knowledge; it's about savoring the joy of the season, one delicious question at a time. So, gather your fellow foodies, uncork the festive cheer, and let the culinary festivities begin!

Easy & Fun Printable Christmas Trivia for Seniors

The Charlie Brown Christmas Trivia Party Game is tailored for fans of the classic animated TV special, "A Charlie Brown Christmas," this game promises a delightful test of your knowledge about beloved characters and iconic moments.

Who composed the unforgettable music in "A Charlie Brown Christmas"? Was it Charlie Parker, Lombardi, Danny Elfman, or Vince Guaraldi? 

Which Peanuts gang member answers the question of what Christmas is all about by reciting the Nativity story? Was it Charlie Brown, Lucy Van Pelt, Linus Van Pelt, or Peppermint Patty? 

Schroeder's love for music is evident, but which composer's work does he want to play for the Christmas party? Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, or Chopin? Take a musical guess and see if you strike the right chord!

But wait! There's more... questions including Lucy's food preferences, producer Bill Melendez's work, the Christmas carol in the final scene, and... well I can't tell you everything now can I!

Christmas Frosty the Snowman Trivia Party Game. Sounds easy for kids, you say? Well, brace yourself, grown-up! This trivia might have you scratching your head like dandruff in a snowstorm. Don't pout if the little ones outscore you; it's all in good fun.

Worried about getting lost in the flurry of Frosty facts? Fear not! We've tossed in an answer sheet to keep things as organized. Just jot down your answers, and let the Frosty festivities commence!

Hard Christmas Trivia for Seniors

Explore the intellectual side of holiday festivities with these more challenging trivia party games.

Challenge friends, family, and fellow Bible enthusiasts to master the Hard Bible Christmas Trivia Game. Uncover the number of wise men who visited Jesus, the famous book where the Christmas story unfolds, and the significance behind their gift of gold. Navigate the intricacies of Mary and Joseph's marital status during Jesus' birth.

Explore what the innkeeper truly told Mary and Joseph in that pivotal moment. Can you complete the famous line, "Wise men still..." and solve the puzzle of faith and wisdom? Engage in thought-provoking questions that unveil the depth of the Christmas narrative.

And then, gear up for the most challenging 20-question Christmas trivia game out there. The printable Christmas Cracker Trivia Game is your chance to flaunt your true expertise and humble those who think they've got it all figured out.

Every question is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to stump even the most seasoned holiday enthusiasts. Covering obscure facts and delving into the depth of Christmas traditions, this game guarantees head-scratching moments and a deep dive into your memory banks.

Think you're up for it? Brace yourself—this game will put your knowledge to the ultimate test.

Guess The Christmas Movie

This game has 15 brief plot descriptions, and your task is to guess the movie titles. Sound easy? It's not. Only if you have a perfect grasp of the vast world of Christmas films, will you excel.

Keep track of your answers with the provided sheet. Challenge friends and family to see who can guess the most movie titles and claim the Best Christmas Movie Trivia champion title.

Order the game now for an evening filled with laughter, nostalgia, and friendly competition!

Christmas Music Trivia Game

This multiple-choice trivia game is a harmonious blend of festive tunes, challenging your knowledge of the iconic melodies that define this joyful time of year.

You can reminisce about timeless carols, chart-topping hits, and the musical tapestry that accompanies every holiday celebration. From classic crooners to contemporary favorites, this trivia game promises an evening filled with toe-tapping nostalgia and a deeper appreciation for the melodies that make the season truly sing. 

The answer key will help you determine who the Christmas Music Trivia master is.

Christmas Books Trivia Game

Test your knowledge of beloved Christmas books, from classics like "A Christmas Carol" and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," as well as lesser-known gems like "Santa's Twin" and "The Lump of Coal."

Here's how it works: you'll print out game cards, distribute them, and match the Christmas book titles with their descriptions. It sounds simple, but with multiple options, you'll need a keen understanding of these tales to come out on top.

Keep track of your answers with our provided answer sheet. Uncover who among your friends and family is the ultimate Christmas book aficionado.

Engage in friendly competition and share heartwarming memories of these festive stories as you discover the correct matches.

Christmas Bible Trivia Game

This multiple-choice Bible quiz game offers a reflective and thought-provoking experience, inviting you to explore the biblical narratives intertwined with the Christmas story. You can engage in conversations about the biblical significance of the holiday, answering questions that delve into the heart of the nativity and its profound messages.

It's an opportunity to foster a sense of shared understanding and appreciation for the spiritual aspects of Christmas in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

Whether you're a seasoned Bible scholar or just curious to learn more, this Christmas Bible Trivia Party Game provides a serene and meaningful way to celebrate the true essence of the season.

Christmas Food Trivia Games with a Festive Twist

Get ready for a holiday twist on the classic truth or false game! Perfect for family gatherings and holiday parties, this game is designed for players of all ages. So, you can play with your grandchildren. Each question offers two options—true or false which keeps it simple.

But don't let the simplicity fool you—this Christmas Truth or Turkey game is a challenge! Crafted with care, it features 15 thought-provoking questions that will test your Christmas knowledge across history, traditions, pop culture, and folklore. You'll want to make strategic choices to outsmart your opponents.

Will you untangle the truth or find yourself tangled in the turkey? 

The Food Trivia Party Game tests your knowledge from traditional dishes to festive treats, this trivia game offers a flavorful exploration of Christmas food. 

Both games include a detailed answer page, offering a chance to review correct responses and discover fascinating facts. They are a perfect blend of food and tasty trivia—a dynamic duo for a memorable holiday celebration. 

Granny Maze brings you a sleigh full of festive fun with printable games crafted with love. So, let's make this Christmas one to remember—filled with laughter, love, and unforgettable moments! 🌟

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Now, you might wonder, why Christmas trivia specifically? Well, it's not just about the joy it brings. It's about giving you a gift that keeps on giving. You can play these games again and again, with different people, a few years apart. And some of the incredible benefits are increased brain health and social connection. Which translates to better overall wellbeing. 

So, are you ready to make this holiday season unforgettable? Play some printable Christmas trivia games, where joy, laughter, and cherished memories await. Because at, we believe in turning every moment into a celebration!

Our Printable Christmas Trivia for Seniors

Get your hands on these games now, and let the festivities unfold in the most joyous and entertaining way. 'Tis the season for laughter and connection—don't let it slip away!

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